What our clients say about us

“Wow, I think you may have changed my ¬life!”

– Student dealing with family conflict

I experienced freedom using the Clear Thinking Method, …helped relieve my tics and fidgeting

– single woman in drug recovery program

“Excited to see so many changes in all of us!”

– a family in counseling

“Learning to talk to each other without tension is restoring our marriage.”

– couple in affair recovery

“I discovered that without the distraction of complaining,
I have clarity.”

– father in parenting class

About CTCA

Clear Thinking Counseling Alliance – (CTCA) is an educational effort of counselors and life coaches, who are committed to public education regarding the Clear Thinking Method. It is not a partnership or other joint provider of services, and any counseling, therapy, or other professional services will be provided solely by individual members of CTCA, under separate agreement with the client, and not by the group as a whole.