Master techniques to solve daily tensions and negotiate major problems.

got tension

clear thinking• Problems cause an emotional response.
• Emotions shut off our ability to solve the problem.


• Unlock your true potential.
• Knowing how the brain works equips us to better overcome and solve problems.

Get a Tension-Free state of mind!


We are committed to helping clients reach their best state of mind:

  • developing techniques to teach people how to increase their wisdom, curiosity, peace and effectiveness
  • training in physiologic al responses, neurological processes, and outcome-based thinking
  • offering opportunities for training in coaching techniques
  • building “art thinking” techniques: using color and image to explore outcome-based thinking, and create images to recall in future situations
  • exploring impact of spiritual pursuit in the brain and in thinking

About CTCA

Clear Thinking Counseling Alliance – (CTCA) is an educational effort of counselors and life coaches, who are committed to public education regarding the Clear Thinking Method. It is not a partnership or other joint provider of services, and any counseling, therapy, or other professional services will be provided solely by individual members of CTCA, under separate agreement with the client, and not by the group as a whole.